Player Evaluations (Tryouts) Information & Rules

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Player Evaluation Process (Tryouts)

What happens at Tryouts?

Los Banos American Little League uses a player Tryout process to determine skill level.

Players will be assigned a day and time to arrive for their scheduled Tryout according to their League Age. Due to the HUNDREDS of players that show up to Tryouts, you are strongly encouraged to arrive 15-30 minutes early and plan to stay for at least 2 hours.

All League Age Players 7-9 must attend their scheduled tryout day or makeup day or risk losing status as a candidate for “Call Up” and All Star Team Selection in the Minor Division.

All League Age Players 10-13 must attend their scheduled tryout day. Any candidate failing to attend at least 50 percent of the spring tryout sessions, shall forfeit league eligibility unless an excuse is presented which is accepted by a majority of the Board of Directors. Regulation IV (f) of Little League Rules and Regulations.

When players arrive at Tryouts they should head straight to the registration table. Only players who have paid and registered through the Los Banos American Little League web site or at a previous walk up player registration will be allowed to participate in Tryouts. If players bring their own bat for use, it must be inspected and approved prior to use. The players will be given an identification number to attach to their shirt, and then directed to the staging area. Players arriving late for their scheduled check in time and or tryout time, will have to wait until all tryouts have been completed to complete their turn at tryouts, or they may choose to elect to come during the make-up session.

Each player will in turn be evaluated on the following:

  1. Batting – typically 3 balls thrown by a coach or pitching machine
  2. Running from Home to 2nd Base after their final hit at bat.
  3. Fielding ground balls and throwing to 1st base.
  4. Catching fly balls – typically from a batting coach or machine

During each activity the players are evaluated by the Managers from each division. Each Manager has his own style and preference, but they are all evaluating skill, results and effort.

For example, the player who catches every ball, hits the target on every throw, and excels at his batting practice, may score low if he pushes around other players, doesn't’t follow instructions or displays a bad attitude. Conversely, the player who drops every ball, but chases them down like the game depends on it will likely score higher than you think.

After the Tryouts have been completed, the Team Managers will apply their own “science” to ranking hundreds of players and develop a list of players they would like to draft to their teams.

All League Age 10-12 players who attend Tryouts are eligible to be drafted into the Major Division. As per Little League rules, all League Age 12 year olds are to be placed in the Major Division unless they register and tryout for the Intermediate Division. They may choose to only play in the Intermediate Division if drafted on a team or they may also choose to play in both the Major and Intermediate Divisions, given that they pay the required registration fee for both divisions.

It is possible that there may not be enough openings for a particular higher division, so attendance at Tryouts is not a guarantee to be drafted to a higher division.

*** Only Players League Age 10-13 who attend and complete Tryouts are eligible for post season All Star Selection and "Call Up "***

What if it rains or I can’t make the scheduled player Tryouts?

In the event that Tryouts are canceled due to rain, makeup sessions will be scheduled for all. If League Age 7-9 players schedule prevents him/her from attending any of the scheduled Tryouts, he/she, pending Board approval, will be placed in a pool to be selected at his/her lowest eligibility level. He/she will not be eligible for “call up” during the season, nor will he/she be eligible for post season All Star Teams. With almost 400 players attending evaluations, it is not practical, nor possible, to accommodate the player who has a scheduling conflict.

What if a player does not attend Tryouts:

For League Age 10-13 players, as stated above citing Little League Regulation IV (f), Any candidate failing to attend at least 50 percent of the spring tryout sessions, shall forfeit league eligibility unless an excuse is presented which is accepted by a majority of the Board of Directors.

What if a player can’t participate in the Tryouts due to an injury?

A player who is physically unable to participate in the Tryouts due to a temporary injury (e.g.. broken arm, sprained ankle, etc.) should still attend at his/her scheduled time. By registering they maintain their eligibility to be drafted to a higher division and their eligibility for All Star Teams. They will be excused after registering.

How are players assigned after evaluations?

Tee Ball and Minor A teams are formed by the Player Agent and Board of Directors on the basis of providing the best fun and instructional experience for the players. Primary considerations for team placement are:

  1. Manager & Coach Volunteers
  2. Family
  3. Friends
  4. School Mates

Special Requests- We will do our best to build teams enjoyable for all the families, and regretfully cannot sometimes accommodate all special requests.

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