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Local Rules

Los Banos American Little League is bound by the Little League Official Regulation and Playing Rules (Green Book) and Little League Operating Manual published by Little League International. The following “Local Rules” are intended to supplement Little League Rules and provide parents, coaches, umpires and players greater insight and clarification of how LBALL administers its League. The rules are perpetual and can be added to, amended or deleted on an as needed basis.

Player Release / Replacements / “Call-Ups”/ Pool Players


Replacement / Call Up Process for the Major Division

LBALL defines “Replacement” as when a Player is lost to a team during the playing season for any of the following reasons:

  1. He/She moves to another city or state too distant to commute for practice and play;
  2. He/She is injured and will not be able to play within a reasonable period of time (reasonable time is to be determined by the board)
  3. He/She has for personal reasons decided to terminate his/her association with the team;
  4. Any other justifiable reason, reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors;

The manager of the team losing a player shall promptly advise the Player Agent. The Player Agent shall advise the President and the Board. If loss of player is approved, the President will send a letter of release to the player and the parents stating player is released from the team and the league for a justifiable reason. This action creates a legal opening for a replacement on the team roster.

The” Call Up”

The Player Agent shall provide the manager with the vacancy, an eligible player “Call Up” list of League Age 10 & 11 year olds from the current seasons player draft that was held. As per Little League Regulation III (a), all players League Age 9, 10, 11, (LBALL has established that the Major Division shall consist of League Age 10,11 & 12 year olds) are eligible to compete in Little League Baseball Major Division. This means every League Age 10 & 11-year-old are eligible to be called up to the Majors. There is no limit to how many players may be picked from any AAA minor team that contains League Age eligible candidates. No limit may be set because of Regulation III (a).

The manager shall review the available “Call Up” player list with the Player Agent and shall give 3 names for a replacement player to the Player Agent within 2 days (48 hours). If the manager has not given 3 names for replacement player within 2 days (48 hours), the Player Agent will place a player for him/her.

During the replacement process, the manager and coaches with the team vacancy are not allowed to communicate with any of the League Age Candidates on the “Call Up List”, their Team Managers, Coaches or Parents. Doing so will result in immediate disciplinary action resulting in suspension or termination as Team Manager as deemed fit from the Board of Directors.

The Player Agent shall communicate directly with the players’ parents selected to move up to fill the vacancy without informing that player's current Manager or seeking their approval. This decision rests solely with the player and their parent/guardian

There are multiple reasons why the replacement rule has to be followed, First, it is unfair for teams to be playing each other without the same number of players and it is against Little League rules.

(Regulation III a)

The league shall, at least 10 days prior to the first regular game, establish the number of players on each team. No team may have more than 15 players (18 for Big league) nor less than 12. (The maximum number of players LBALL Major Division shall be 12)

Tee Ball and Minor League: There will be no minimum or maximum established at the Tee Ball and Minor League levels.

Note: If a local league elects to roster less than nine (9) players at the Tee Ball and/or Minor League levels, rules 3.03, 4.16 and 4.17 do not apply. (rules relate to player substitution during games and fielding teams with less than 9 players before a game)

No Call Up of players to a Major Division Team will be allowed during the final two weeks of regular season play.

Call Up Process for the Minor Division

A Minors team (AAA and AA) that loses a player must now find a replacement using similar steps:

  • The first step in the Minor Division will have the Player Agent fill the vacancy with a player from a wait list who registered after the teams were formed.
  • If no wait list exists, the Minors manager is given a list of eligible players from the division immediately below that being filled. (in the case of any League Age 10 or 9 year olds who refuse a call up, parents must be informed that a decision to stay in the AAA or AA Minor Division will result with their player not being eligible to be called up at any point later in the season and be ineligible for selection to the 9-10-year-old All Star Team.)
  • The manager then selects an eligible lower division player to join the team.
  • The process stops at the level immediately below that being filled. Thus, the only replacements available to AAA teams are AA players, and the only replacements available to AA teams are players who are league age eligible for AA. (LBALL A Division has League Age 7 Players) That means that during the season there may be an imbalance to rosters on competing teams. This may appear to give the team with fewer players an advantage, but recall that they are in this position because they just lost one of their strongest players to a call up.
  • It is also reminded that the Minors level is considered an instructional level to prepare players for the Major Division. Player Agent and Team Managers should take note that when considering a “call up” to make sure that the considered replacement will benefit from playing up a level and not be a safety issue to himself and the team. As per regulation II (a) noted above, there are no minimums or maximums of players for minor division teams.
  • Regulation III (c) NOTE 1: Tee Ball and Minor League players may be reassigned at the discretion of the local league Board of Directors and player agent in order to provide a balanced training program.

No Call Up of players within the Minor Division will be allowed during the final two weeks of regular season play.

What are a player’s choices if he or she is “Called Up?”

Los Banos American Little League considers a “Call Up” an extremely positive experience. The player is acknowledged for a skill level considered appropriate for the next higher division. Players are typically only eligible for a Call Up if they tried out for that higher division. The Call Up is recognition that the player would have been at the higher level had there been enough slots in the first place. In every way possible, managers, coaches and parents should promote this to players, especially the younger players who may be uncomfortable at the thought of moving to a new team, playing and developing a new set of friends.

As you might expect, the cascading effect of moving players from team to team can take time, time that can be better spent developing on the new team. Therefore, players are given only a limited amount of time to make a decision to move up. If a player declines a “Call Up,” he or she will not be eligible to be called up at any point later in the season and they will be ineligible for any All-Star Team Selection.

 I’m not happy with my child’s team assignment. What can I do?

Once the teams have been assigned, there are no opportunities for movement of players. Little League does not allow ‘trades’ between teams. If there are extenuating circumstances before the teams are formed, contact the Player Agent, Ben Martinez at: with the details and we will consider them.


1st time: Suspended for the next played game;

2nd time: Suspended for 3 consecutive games played;

the penalty for additional violations or offenses of this rule will be decided by the LBALL Board of Directors.

NOTE: Failure by the manager to advise the Player Agent of a player’s continued absence of 5 days or more should result in a disciplinary action against the manager.

Pool Players

What is this? To aid leagues that are having a difficult time getting enough players for their regular season teams, a pool of players from existing regular season teams can be created with players that are willing to participate in extra games during the regular season when teams face a shortage of rostered players for a regular season game within their respective division. (Regulation V section (c))

The goal of the LBALL Player Pool (upon Board approval) is to prevent forfeiture and rescheduling of games.

During the registration process, players may sign up to be added to their respective player pool. There is no additional cost involved to be a pool player, and there is no limit to the number of games a player may participate as a “pool player”.

The expectation is Team Managers to be in communication with their players prior to game day to know if they will have the minimum number of players. Any Team Manager who knows they will be unable to field a team of at least 9 players to begin and finish an upcoming game should contact the Player Agent. The Team Manager must notify the Player Agent 24 hours (1 day) prior to game time that a pool player is being requested. Circumstances can change by the hour, the key is communication with the Team Manager and Player Agent.

Guidelines for the Pool Player program are as follows:

  1. The Player Agent will create and run the pool. The pool will be used to assign players to teams that are short of players on a rotating basis.
  2. Managers and Coaches will not have the right to randomly pick and choose players from the pool.
  3. Players used from the pool will not be allowed to pitch, except during the player’s own regular season scheduled game.
  4. Pool players that are called and show up at the game site must play at least nine consecutive defensive outs and bat once.

NOTE: Players may not be “borrowed” from an opponent. They must be assigned by the Player Agent.

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